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Janet Kealey complain on phone 01274 415 240
Wednesday, March 29 2017 09:56 AM
Calling re my maintenance and repair agreement for my television which i dont have an agreement for. They put the phone down on me and when i tried ringing back was told the voice mail was full for this number and i could not leave a message. Still have no idea who it was.
Steven Thorsen complain on phone 01274 415 240
Wednesday, March 29 2017 09:45 AM
Try to tell me could save money on my TV charges which do not excest when ask what he was on about quickly hung up52
HNeetha complain on phone 0116 290 1342
Wednesday, March 29 2017 09:02 AM
Constantly getting calls from this number. When I answer, there is no response.

Calling the number back results in an automated message informing me that I am in a queue. No company name is given.
M H Brayshaw complain on phone 01992 614 055
Wednesday, March 29 2017 06:17 AM
Call purporting to be from Talktalk 11:03 29-Mar-2017. Requested me to press Ctrl, Windows & R on my laptop. Pretended to go along with it. Called number back - number not recognised.
Jack Pedel complain on phone 0121 627 9241
Wednesday, March 29 2017 05:56 AM
Sales Call unwanted cold caller
Richard Corbett complain on phone 01634 648 306
Wednesday, March 29 2017 05:11 AM
no-one ever answers. It is supposed to be Lombard Finance - part of RBS - where they direct you for old PPI enquiries. It seems they direct people here from RBS just to get rid of you
Rob complain on phone 01274 415 240
Wednesday, March 29 2017 05:07 AM
Who are these people calling my business number? I asked, they hung up. Stop them please
Jindrich complain on phone 01908 410 397
Tuesday, March 28 2017 11:08 AM
Today the number ring two times, i'm call back and the ansver machine told me its as home visitors agen ????
Propubly dangerous for all locking a private date.
Please blocked the number for all people.
SuJo complain on phone 0121 132 7146
Tuesday, March 28 2017 09:24 AM
"We have a report that you have had a car accident" call to my mobile. (I have not)
Dawn complain on phone 020 8068 3449
Tuesday, March 28 2017 07:46 AM
They keep calling and it's really annoying

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