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Miles Wallace complain on phone 01253 508 600
Wednesday, July 26 2017 11:28 AM
Called me stated they wanted to talk to the person in charge of utilities as this is a commercial property, it is not it is my home. They apologised then said they woudl take my number off the system. Since then they have called me another 7 times just today
Nabeed complain on phone 01473 378 129
Wednesday, July 26 2017 11:05 AM
The guy on the phone call started to use abusive language and made disgusting sexual references.
Beasplodge complain on phone 01889 578 826
Wednesday, July 26 2017 10:40 AM
A post on another site suggests that this is apparently a company called Lifestyle and doing Market Research. MR gets 0/10 from me. Phoned twice today but hung up when I ignored it.
E Self complain on phone 0151 268 9385
Wednesday, July 26 2017 10:02 AM
Dodgy looking 'E-Fax' from 'unknown'. Not opening.
Slartibartfast complain on phone 01889 575 526
Wednesday, July 26 2017 08:57 AM
Caller hangs up when the call is answered. So, probably an auto-dialer.
Lynne Pursell complain on phone 020 3011 1245
Wednesday, July 26 2017 05:56 AM
Have had several annoying and abusive calls from this number.
They say it is about solar panels and feed in tariff but keep asking for my husband. They say they are 'official' but this must be a lie since if they were they would know the solar panels and the feed-in tariff are in my name and nothing to do with my husband.
I would like to make a complaint under the sex discrimination act because they will not accept a female instruction to stop calling but insist on talking to a man contrary to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. If you know who these people are please emailme.
Keith Wells complain on phone 01280 875 632
Wednesday, July 26 2017 04:53 AM
I answered my phone with my number. The caller said "Hello" three times, then rung off.
David Bowker complain on phone 0843 872 7095
Wednesday, July 26 2017 04:44 AM
extra service call charge to my mobile incurred. unsolicited call and number
Blooflame complain on phone 01245 408 562
Wednesday, July 26 2017 04:42 AM
This is a scam full stop. I was told it was a grant but it isn't it's a loan. When challenged it transpired that it goes to a finance Company. Personally I believe the 30% will cover initial payments to the financial loan and then be left with an unwanted outgoing to service for god knows how long. Be aware
Jane Chester complain on phone 01332 706 438
Tuesday, July 25 2017 02:07 PM
I am getting on average between 6 - 12 calls for this number, when I answer the phone just goes dead, extremely annoying.

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