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LESLEY-ANN CUNNINGHAM complain on phone 077 98831001
Tuesday, October 17 2017 08:19 AM
No one spoke when I answered the call, then they just hung up!
Nick complain on phone 0845 417 0041
Tuesday, October 17 2017 07:52 AM
Received a call from this number and they just hung up after about 30 seconds. There was no sound from the caller.
THOMAS JEFFERSON complain on phone 0117 313 6407
Tuesday, October 17 2017 07:40 AM
Harrasessment called 42 times within 30 minutes. when I pick4ed up the phone he didnt speak or anything
Octavian complain on phone 020 7023 2246
Tuesday, October 17 2017 06:10 AM
I have been called from this number on my mobile. I answered and no one said anything then hung-up.

I tried calling back and is saying that the number is not recognized.

Many thanks,
Eric Seddon complain on phone 01707 320 355
Monday, October 16 2017 09:46 AM
I am continually receiving phone charges relating to the above phone number,I dont know why as I have never made any calls to that number. Can you please offer any advice?
Valerie Stone complain on phone 077 17788475
Monday, October 16 2017 07:35 AM
I do not recognise this number on my phone bill. Could you please confirm who it belongs to as I concerned that my number is fraudulently being used.
ijcw complain on phone 024 7641 4330
Monday, October 16 2017 06:12 AM
Lady with Africo-Caribbean voice rang saying she was ringing on behalf of BT Openreach about my computer speed.

I did NOT feel comfortable about her genuineness .. is she?

When I tried to ring her back using 141 - call number hidden system - the line was engaged
Fred Blogs complain on phone 01756 706 100
Monday, October 16 2017 06:10 AM
bloody nuisance keeps ringing my phone and its a fax machine
Jim complain on phone 01656 837 415
Monday, October 16 2017 06:02 AM
Said I had contracted them about taking out a loan. Scammers.
Naomi Monks complain on phone 01254 370 968
Monday, October 16 2017 05:20 AM
Someone called to perform a household survey. I declined and asked to be removed. The male caller threatened me before hanging up. My number is listed with the Telephone Preference Service.

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