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Andrew John Southard complain on phone 01792 917 956
Monday, March 27 2017 10:08 AM
Phones my mobile once or twice a day and hangs up instantly
John Barrowman complain on phone 013 5874 1965
Thursday, March 23 2017 11:35 AM
As above, caller said high court action was taking place today. Caller said his name was Martin Jones. Foolishly he doesn't understand the unique differences between English & Scottish Law. We don't have high court enforcement.
Lynne Jones complain on phone 01443 474 836
Tuesday, March 21 2017 11:43 AM
I am fed up with who ever is calling from this no i could have 2 or 3 calls everyday.
Anon complain on phone 029 2085 6700
Monday, March 13 2017 06:44 AM
Company won't stop calling my company. They're a credit checking of sorts based in Wales. I've tried politely to tell them "no thanks but good luck" but they keep calling. I've blocked their number but I suspect once they realise this they will probably call from a mobile! Seriously, this type of selling will NEVER work for me.
Angela FIELD complain on phone 19137 34385
Thursday, March 09 2017 01:31 PM
cannot contact this company
Emily complain on phone 01352 714 735
Wednesday, March 08 2017 06:30 PM
Sexual calls repeatedly calling every evening talking inappropriate bad language
Luke complain on phone 01792 241 332
Wednesday, March 08 2017 03:09 AM
Received about five different calls from them over the last three weeks always claiming to be British gas
Noel complain on phone 029 2000 2736
Monday, February 27 2017 05:58 AM
Ambulance chasing firm, repeatedly calling and I have asked them not to. On the most recent call 'Abby' just put the phone down when I asked her to remove me from their calling list.
Carol Wade complain on phone 029 2046 1400
Friday, February 24 2017 10:10 AM
Caller claimed that a high court action was taking place today (24 February 2017 @ 3pm)
Given 02920 461 400 Mr Martin Jones as a contact number.
When dialled it was unobtainable
Helen Tipton complain on phone 01407 644 087
Wednesday, February 22 2017 06:52 AM
This phone number keeps calling me asking for my step son who is neither the registered owner or bill payer for my telephone number. I have requested twice for my telephone number to be removed and on both occasions the advisor has put the telephone down.
They have also refused to say what company they are calling from

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