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Vanda Russell complain on phone 01392 690 721
Tuesday, February 21 2017 05:41 AM
Have now blocked this number
Claire complain on phone 0845 603 5558
Tuesday, February 21 2017 05:10 AM
How mobile phone bill come and I've been charged £5.95 on top of my bill from a call I did not name to this number
Jonathan Pitt complain on phone 0121 618 3723
Tuesday, February 21 2017 04:56 AM
Keeps calling me a couple of times a month to see if I have had an accident.

When I ask who they are they hang up
w rowlands complain on phone 01642 498 711
Tuesday, February 21 2017 04:15 AM
call daily ,will not speak ,then hang up .
suggest use call back.
Jane complain on phone 0345 366 0012
Monday, February 20 2017 10:20 AM
Called from this number on 28January 2017 as part of on line bank fraud scam. Lead me to loose several thousand pounds
Andrew complain on phone 01603 914 619
Sunday, February 19 2017 03:18 PM
Nuisance text messages
Ray complain on phone 01935 350 085
Saturday, February 18 2017 07:31 AM
This number keeps sending text alerts for a course I am not enrolled in. Responding with remove requests are ignored. Calling this number is not permitted.
Chris complain on phone 01530 887 671
Saturday, February 18 2017 07:31 AM
Ringing about a government scheme for new installation. I am on TPS and should not be rung, and she wouldn't take no for an answer.
john wells complain on phone 023 8000 1742
Friday, February 17 2017 12:31 PM
Hi im just wanting to find who this number belongs too,and if its a company or private caller.It have been calling out of blue,i wont answer due to number unknown to me..

If you can tell me who's number it is please get back by my email address.

Mr Wells
S Griffiths complain on phone 01495 816 275
Thursday, February 16 2017 10:49 AM
Calls 3/4 times per day

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