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Andrew Savage complain on phone 01244 564 141
Thursday, December 08 2016 12:32 PM
Had call from this number amongst others including 01618147760 - 02030110599 - 03334432230 - 01915013300 I will not answer the house phone now unless someone speaks to identify themselves but all numbers listed here will not leave message or speak, some of these I know are call centres but am getting sick of being phoned 10+ times a day by these numbers, even reporting them they use different numbers
Geoff complain on phone 01501 741 318
Thursday, December 08 2016 09:06 AM
Computer generated , then terminates
Charmbrights complain on phone 01639 282 151
Wednesday, December 07 2016 10:59 AM
Unwanted and illegal sales call.
tobs complain on phone 01706 300 440
Wednesday, December 07 2016 09:07 AM
PPI harrasment, constantly calling to inform that you are entitled for PPI
Joanne Haggerty complain on phone 01942 406 113
Wednesday, December 07 2016 05:32 AM
This number is constantly ringing me and it's just rang twice within 10 minutes.
It's for website offers
Joanne Haggerty complain on phone 156 6770606
Wednesday, December 07 2016 05:31 AM
This number is constantly ringing me and it's just rang twice within 10 minutes.
It's for website offers
Rikki Woodall complain on phone 078 21717429
Monday, December 05 2016 12:48 PM
I had a phone call and couldn't understand the person on the other side I said you need to speak abit slower please, he then told me I'm a cxxx and to go die it's dis gusting and no one should be spoken to like this
Emma Rickwood complain on phone 01789 405 056
Monday, December 05 2016 09:16 AM
Keep calling in the day asking for my Husband, but won't tell me what it's regarding due to 'Data Protection', even though I'm his Wife! Very annoying, as I need to rest in the afternoons for health reasons and they never phone after his work hours as I tell them to.
MAya complain on phone 01706 300 213
Monday, December 05 2016 07:06 AM
Seriously? Why they keep calling - how I can put that number on block?????
Bob Sharp complain on phone 0800 595 5455
Friday, December 02 2016 11:58 AM
3 times this no called and each time it was a silent call when answered Suspect some sort of automated call very annoying

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