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john turton complain on phone 01903 537 166
Tuesday, September 26 2017 10:49 AM
telephone sales team keep calling me even after I tell them not to call again.
Rangeeta Bhamra complain on phone 01270 899 575
Tuesday, September 26 2017 09:17 AM
caller is lying keeps saying calling on behalf of EE and can save me money so I said if you can see my bills come back to me and let me know if you can save me money. Waffled on about how he's in a different department, when he slipped and admitted he was calling from one direct on BEHALF of EE he then put the phone down!
robert jardine complain on phone 01224 899 311
Tuesday, September 26 2017 06:20 AM
constant silent calls
g andff complain on phone 020 7082 2679
Tuesday, September 26 2017 05:41 AM
Unwanted call regarding a car accident I hadn't been in
Amy Payne complain on phone 078 14786003
Tuesday, September 26 2017 05:31 AM
Compensation spam/scam
Amy Payne complain on phone 020 7082 2428
Tuesday, September 26 2017 05:30 AM
Automated voice recording saying I was in a car accident...
t noy complain on phone 01322 821 655
Tuesday, September 26 2017 02:41 AM
scam email asking for money via payment of false invoice
Tabs complain on phone 01322 271 964
Tuesday, September 26 2017 01:25 AM
This is a spam number, sent via email, claiming to be from a hospital in Birmingham (according to the email address (presumably hacked) that it was sent from).
Melanie Anning complain on phone 075 31644208
Monday, September 25 2017 05:15 PM
This is a fraudulent text alleging a debut card has been used for an on-line APPLE purchase of £1749. Mine came from Nationwide, with whom I bank. I rang them directly rather than the number on the text.
Anthony James complain on phone 0121 326 7885
Monday, September 25 2017 02:04 PM
My grandparents received a phone call from this number last night stating that my grandparent was seen putting rubbish in a neighbour's bin this number corresponds to a business that is not on the same road that my nan lives on the guy was very abusive and threatening and when my grandparents said they were going to call the place that I hung up he seemed to be drunk and foreign

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