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Wednesday, August 07 2013 05:03 PM
Repeated calls all day from this number and a blocked number. No answer phone messages. Tried calling back once but sounds like a foreign ring tone sound. Got no answer anyway. Presuming its a sales call or something. Very annoying.
Emma Holmes
Tuesday, May 21 2013 06:55 AM
Fed up with being called by this number...how can I stop them calling?
Thursday, April 25 2013 06:05 AM
Someone called me from this number Monday. A woman with an accent I couldn't place muttered something about O2 then tried to convince me to change to a rolling monthly contract until the iPhone5 comes out in August when I could choose to upgrade to that or the current iPhone, which would then be cheaper. Thing is, I am due to upgrade my O2 contract this month and I'd already spoken to O2 to ask if I could defer the upgrade til after my holiday so I was expecting a call from them.
I became suspicious because the woman was rude and pushy and she refused to email me details of the new contract to look through. I told her I was working and couldn't discuss a new contract right now. I've had several missed calls from the number in the last few days.
Saturday, January 26 2013 07:02 AM
Why can't BT etc allocate a number like they do with 1471 which we can dial after we receive one of these calls that blocks the caller.Eventually the caller will have to change number but at least the inconvenience is pushed onto them instead of us.If the offenders reach a certain number if strikes they get fined. I can dream can't I !!!
Friday, January 11 2013 11:58 AM
Keep calling me, at least twice a day for the last week. I never answer a number on my mobile if it isn't a recognised contact because they don't have my permission to have my number.
Tuesday, December 18 2012 11:29 AM
Got a text message from a company called mobile traffic about an upgrade and then received this phonecall a few hours later. The weird thing is I had just got off the phone from o2 twenty minutes before the text. I don't think that is a coincidence. I didn't answer, thought I would google the number first.
Saturday, November 24 2012 06:04 AM
Had several calls from this number over the last few weeks. Have always been suspicious of this type of call, so never answer. Seems like I was right to do so after reading other complaints.
take my advice - IF IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT!
Tuesday, November 06 2012 01:20 PM
had a call from them last week about upgrade they told me they worked along with o2 on the upgrade line so thought it was a genuine call was still waiting for my mobile to appear but since cancelled this as he said i have 7 days to cancel which i did as still never signed nothing.since read various things on the net about other's getting calls from this company.there supposedly from poole ,dorset according too 1 call handler (foreign accent too ) wither poole was a falk too
Thursday, November 01 2012 11:24 AM
Overseas when this number rang, did not answer it and will not in future
Monday, October 15 2012 11:12 AM
I've had a series of calls from this number and others which, when Googled, also appear to be scammers pretending to be O2. They've called me a number of times, but I'm just ignoring them. They've left a few voicemails, but all have been blank.
Monday, October 08 2012 12:59 PM
Got a missed call from them and called back; they claimed to be from O2 but could not get a straight answer when I asked them to verify so I shut the phone.
Thursday, October 04 2012 09:37 AM
Similiar for me. Calls and very noisy too. Very poor English. O2 should get on it.
Wednesday, September 26 2012 07:26 AM
This number called and I guess it's some sort of scam. Obviously a call centre and dialled at random by a computerised system.

Have blocked the number so that I won't be bothered by them again - until they realise and use another number, of course.
Tuesday, September 11 2012 08:47 AM
Had a message from upgrademeup or something like that, stating that my phone is due for an upgrade. It isn't by the way).
I deleted as it wasnt O2.
Following days i am receiving phone calls from this number and blocked number.
Sounds like a foreign call centre.
Definitley ignore!!
Thursday, August 30 2012 08:33 AM
I had a missed call from this number so I called back and could not work out what company name it was,asked who they were and they very rude and hung up. I called again and played along with it, they told me they were o2 account loyalties and asked for my number to call me back re an upgrade, I politely declined and ended the call. I rang o2 (as I am a customer) to check this was above board, The lady at o2 called this number and spoke to her manager, it is not o2 or anything to do with them. It is an overseas call. SCAM! do not answer the call or if you do, don't give them any details.
Monday, August 20 2012 10:03 AM
Was shouted at unintelligibly from this number and wouldn't repeat what was said when politely requested to do so.
Friday, August 10 2012 07:19 AM
They called me and mumbled something, very noisy in background, told them to call me back, in the meantime i googled the number and found this.
Sounded like a call centre.
Very annoying, since i'm looking for a new job and have to keep answering my phone to random numbers at the moment!
Tuesday, August 07 2012 12:28 PM
I have been getting calls from this number all day. I haven't picked up, they aren't leaving message's. I assume it's one of those annjoying PPI Claims companys.
Tuesday, August 07 2012 10:55 AM
keeps ringing over and over again for the past few weeks. rings at all different times of the day.
Monday, August 06 2012 03:48 PM
Phoning at least 3 times a day about every other day but will not leave a message. Has been doing this for a couple of months now!

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