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paul christie
Wednesday, April 16 2014 06:12 AM
Phone hangs up after pickup
Gerard Mann
Thursday, April 03 2014 07:51 AM
silence when phone is picked up.
Tuesday, March 18 2014 03:25 PM
Further to my earlier comments, I have had further calls from 01911473699 which again have been reported to BT. This invalid number appears to be generated from a computer source according to BT. Would be interested to know from a computer expert if it is possible to trace the source of this number so that the caller can be dealt with.
Bob Reeves
Tuesday, March 11 2014 12:32 PM
Silent calls from this number.
lynne b
Tuesday, March 11 2014 10:06 AM
I am getting calls from this no every day. Its a recorded message about being a homeowner and arranging an assessment for a boiler, and says press 2 to arrange an assessment, press 2 and nothing happens. How can I bar these calls?
Friday, March 07 2014 06:09 PM
I have reported number 0191 1473699 to BT. They confirmed that this number is invalid and if it is a BT line, they can disconnect it. If it is not a BT line, they will speak to the telephone company which issued this non valid number. The number concerned could have been purchased to make it look like a local caller.
Stan Tunstall-Otterburn
Friday, March 07 2014 11:42 AM
Have noticed a few missed calls from this number... When I did manage to answer the first time, after a few rings, the line went dead. Second time was someone trying to sell me heating. When asked how they got my ex-directory number I got a stream of abusive language and the caller hung up.
BT confirm it is not a LEGAL number.

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