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Jane Eollinson
Tuesday, May 16 2017 03:46 PM
We have had continued problems with our talk talk broadband since Before oct slow speed they entourage us to get diastema broadband which we did in October havnt got up to the speed nowhere near and recently the internet have been dropping going off few mins come back on and sometimes staying of for a while I rang this number to complain and to get assisitance to sort it out my mobile sim is with talk talk and to try sort it out all this time my phone kept using the 3G I had a text from talk talk to say I was close to my data so I contacted them to see if I could be given a bit more data. I normally hardly use it and always in my data limit but they said I couldn't but to contact them later once everything is resolved and they might be able to help this morning they text me they have suspended as I've hit my limit and I have to make an extra payment I contacted them and they said about an 071 number checked my phone and it was this number so they have had the cheek to charge me to call them. I couldn't go online chat which I normally do as our internet wasn't working think is disgusting that they charge their own customers I high amount for the phone call the suspend my service.
Mr Leslie Keighley
Wednesday, March 15 2017 11:04 AM
Used three pay and go to set up new account,with talk talk,a couple of follow up calls,40 some mins,£29 extra bill,if not repaid will cancel subscription.
Carol Johnston
Monday, April 29 2013 09:03 AM
I just received my telephone bill in there and got quite a shock at 2 of the phone calls that I had made. When I googled it it was talk talk complaints department. These 2 phone calls have cost me £6.70 which I think is rediculous as I was only enquiring how to upgrade my account and to ask where my wireless router was. I think it is terrible that it was that expensive. Carol Johnston

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