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Friday, June 06 2014 05:36 AM
Daily calls alleging I owe £19 to ebay which I do not. I am charging them £20 per call as they have written notice that I do not owe money. So far got to £150 and will sue them when it is a bit higher.
Friday, April 11 2014 07:26 AM
This number just called me saying it was ebay and i still owe an admin fee of £8 which iv never heard of before and havent sold or bought anything on ebay for a long time any help would be great i cut the call off sounds like a scam to me
Alex Bone
Monday, December 02 2013 09:55 AM
This number cold called my mobile phone, when I answered there was nobody on the other end
Tuesday, September 24 2013 08:14 AM
This company kept calling my number numerous times of the day, including Sunday mornings - for what I have no idea as I don't owe anyone anything! I have now blocked them using an Android App called Mr Number (FOC) and it works a treat - no more calls!
Dave james
Friday, January 25 2013 11:18 AM
Constant calls from this number, they say they are Transcom calling from Ebay!
peter ceri
Friday, December 14 2012 11:56 AM
constant calling at weekends and even nights
Tuesday, July 31 2012 08:21 AM
I receive frequent unsolicited calls in my land line the main culprits being from this number. I presume this is also one of the harassment calls as mentioned by the other users. I do not want to raise my blood pressure. If they have anything to communicate to me they should write to me.
Julia Hindson
Thursday, May 12 2011 02:19 PM
Recorded message received over and over again on old work telephoe number asking if its me and to press 1 for yes and 2 for no. Unable to respond from business line and do not know who they are
Friday, April 08 2011 01:19 PM
rercieved 2 calls from 08453304800 asking
me to ring them back
Ricky Gunn
Thursday, April 07 2011 11:43 AM
I am being telephoned daily by Newman & Co from this number. They maintain they are trying to contact someone whom I know hasn't lived at this address for at least six years and actually has been living in Australia for two years. They will not take "no" for an answer and are driving me mad with their continual harassment. The next time this happens I shall inform the police.
wayne wheawall
Tuesday, November 02 2010 07:47 AM
constant calls every day up to 3 times a day for over a month and when i answer it redirects me and starts either ringing another number or puts me in a queue.
m godwin
Monday, August 16 2010 03:00 PM
frequent unsolicited calls
Tuesday, August 10 2010 05:10 AM
Unsolicited automatic voice recorded calls from Newman Company - anytime of day or night. Complete harrasment, no real person on phone - ever!!
Wednesday, June 09 2010 02:45 PM
Unsolicited constant calling at weekends and also at nights

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