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Paul chew
Saturday, March 02 2013 09:22 PM
This caller who said his name rather quickly (and i could not hear that name clearly at the time) did a cold call to my friend's mobile, on friday 1 March 2013 @2:45pm approx., claiming to work for the HMRC and asked for my friend's home address without quoting any official HMRC ref number or case number. If this caller was acting in an official capacity, then he is not performing the required security clearances as expected of any initial calls by the HMRC. I have never experienced this kind of official direct contact by tel.. before and I suspect this person is misusing his privileges if he is indeed an HMRC employee. My friend called back to his no 03000 536 221 in trying to verify the real location/source of the cold caller, and it is only via Google that we found, and anticipate that your HMRC general admin number is connected to the caller's. please confirm that your HMRC employees can call any citizen without first verifying their official status or nature of their enquiry, as the caller refused to explain his intentions or the exact nature (hence no reference no was offered by him) of the telephone call. We intend to pursue his identity and expect an apology & explanation from HRMC for allowing such unofficial misuse of HMRC tel numbers. Or indeed this is a case of fraudulent misuse and definitely abuse of Offcial HMRC privileges. Please respond immediately as I will submit this complaint to the OFCOM ombudsman dealing with nuisance telephone calls and will have this no 03000536221 barred, which I am sure if it belongs to HMRC you will get to the bottom of this and investigate why that caller did not conduct himself in an official capacity. Paul Chew - i am a British Citizen !

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