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London, Ewell, Borehamwood, Loughton, Bushey, Chessington, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Whyteleafe

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Gary Walmsley
Monday, July 21 2014 02:58 PM
Got a call from this number and added to my blocked numbers list. I believe these people are not getting your number from anywhere, they are just dialing a sequence of consecutive numbers until one answers.
Wednesday, July 09 2014 06:55 AM
Unsolicited nuisance sales calls !!!
Verna Enebo
Thursday, June 19 2014 02:23 PM
Unsolicited nuisance call to my UNLISTED number.
Friday, June 13 2014 04:14 PM
This company continue to call me on a daily basis every time I sake them to remove my number from their database, yet they continue, only way to get them to stop is by telling them to unpolitely to stop them from ringing, you should try it.
Thursday, April 17 2014 11:41 AM
Why is this number ringing me? Ive had my phone for like 6weeks or so now its a new number and im 17?? How are they getting my number? Fed up with different numbers ringing me all the time
filbert youlu mubiala
Monday, April 14 2014 03:40 PM
nonsense nuisence call at 8.30pm - when i rang back heard a number of confused non english voices to which i started asking about jimmy tarbuck - they were further confused
david dun
Thursday, April 10 2014 11:51 AM
unsolicited calls regarding boiler contract.
Don't have a boiler and told this will be reported after 7 calls

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