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Wednesday, October 28 2015 01:51 PM
A male rang me from this number. He pretended that he knew me, coming up with stories on how he knew me, what we used to get up to, etc. He reported some story that he's the key man, and how we used to meet up at the shoe shop every week. I definitely don't know him because I have no contacts with his accent. He was from up north, and I'm from down south. When I informed him we didn't know each other, he tried to guess my name and continued to try and convince me we knew each other. He was stubborn, annoying and clearly trying to get info out of me. He wouldn't let it go. He then said he'll call me back off his mobile number so i'll recognise his mobile number on my phone. Clearly wanted me to call him back as he never did. Why didn't he call me of his mob in the first place???
He has dodgy written all over. So i've reported his number to the police.

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