01782 Area code / dialling code

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Kidsgrove, Biddulph, Stoke on Trent

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P A V Wright
Wednesday, February 15 2012 01:34 PM
This number keeps calling my mobile in Costa Rica - I am on holiday and do not want disturbing by telemarketing - who are they, and what do they want??
Nikki Maynard
Wednesday, February 15 2012 08:53 AM
I`m am complaining about this number ringing me at 5.28 in the early hours of the morning.
J Mullee
Monday, January 09 2012 03:39 AM
Recorded banking advert, called my elderly grandparents 3 times @ 8.30am.

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