01709 Area code / dialling code

Rotherham, Maltby, Mexborough, Swinton, Edlington, Wath-upon-Dearne

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Monday, March 09 2015 01:23 PM
My 10yr old daughter had a missed call from this number on her phone. She only uses phone to call her Nan & Grandad. Tried to call it back but says invalid number. If it is to do with child maintenance why would they call a 10yr olds phone. Also if it's for DWP well I do not have any dealings with them.
Saturday, January 03 2015 07:38 AM
Missed this call
tried to call back but it says I've dialled a wrong number.
looked it up on internet and certain people say it's child maintenance.

Why they should want to call me is confusing
I find it quite disturbing that a number that successfully got through...depicts as wrong number. If it's a government office it should have
more decency and respect. This is not professional.
deborah cassidy
Saturday, December 13 2014 06:09 AM
its child maintenance why they calling me on a Saturday moring jeezo let me have a long lie
Thursday, June 12 2014 09:57 AM
Received a call claiming to be child maintenance
Wednesday, May 21 2014 12:40 PM
This number has rang me for the past 2 days, right after they phoned I receive another phone call which is similar but when I've taken the area code off it's an 0800 number which is meant to be child Maintanance.

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