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Adrian Callaghan
Monday, July 21 2014 11:11 AM
Cold call ... just office background noise then hung up
Tuesday, May 20 2014 09:05 AM
Fed up with this number keeps calling and nobody there
Sunday, May 18 2014 07:41 AM
Called and could hear office noise then hung up
Tuesday, May 13 2014 09:59 AM
I have just received a call from these people bordering on abusive. Please excuse the following language this but this is exactly what took place

'Hello can be speak to mrs mcgumbo (Mubling and lauging is heard) followed by can we speak to Mrs McF**k', the line was then very quickly hung up.

I immediately cross referenced the number with my own databases (I record every incoming call) and tracked the company down to the following:

0161 850 2208

Email us at

Or you can write to us at

BGC (Energy) LTD
Trinity House
Newby Road Industrial Estate
Hazel Grove

I telephoned the catalouge number above (there's an 0845 number too but I was not prepared to pay for that) and in the strongest tone of voice without shouting or being angry, demanded that I be put through to complaints.

I was connected to a manager called 'Katie' who has taken the call very seriously and gone off to take action.

Moral of the story, don't let these idiots get away with it, fight back and demand your rights as a citizen to them stopping calling you, track down those responsible and make your feelings known.
Jackie Baxter
Saturday, May 10 2014 08:37 AM
Missed call from this number today
Francis Higgins
Monday, May 05 2014 01:09 PM
International calls with no message.
Number 'not available'.
Number 'withheld'
We have a phone with number display and non of the above are answered, however one trick used is that a number is displayed but, on pick up, it is dead. A short time afterwards we get another call, usually number withheld, so the first call is just to verify our number is valid. !!!!!
Derek wilson
Monday, April 21 2014 03:59 PM
Cold calling constantly
Wednesday, April 16 2014 06:54 AM
Just had a call from this number, when I answered I could hear it was an office (general chit chat and phones ringing in the background) but as soon as I said 'hello', the line went dead. Why call if you're not going to say anything? I don't get it. What do they want? And how can they possibly benefit from this?
john carey
Wednesday, April 02 2014 08:49 AM
five times this number has called me today and its not yet 2pm .the law should do something about this.
Monday, March 24 2014 03:21 PM
had these before thought it was my ex but she now lives in Wolverhampton so not her and I live 200 miles away shouldn't the phone company block this number
brian Smith
Thursday, March 20 2014 04:05 PM
received a call from the above number, but line went dead on me when I answered, but suddenly received a voicemail, saying "this is not an important call, and to call 0161 820 5087 to remove my number from their list if I did not them to call me again", this is a different number to the one they called me on, if you have an iphone you have a blocking facility ,use it, don't ring them back
Friday, February 21 2014 12:50 PM
when I answered the phone all I got was wanker and they hung up I have reported this disgusting
Susan Williamson
Friday, February 07 2014 11:38 AM
Sick of them phoning and nobody there...
anthony lamb
Friday, January 24 2014 07:46 AM
constant ringing pissing me off ,get a proper job instead of pestering people.morons
anthony lamb
Friday, January 24 2014 07:44 AM
constant ringing pissing me off ,get a proper job instaed of pestering people.
Mr French
Monday, November 04 2013 06:22 AM
Multiple calls to my mobile number with either an instant hangup when I try to pick them up, or no voicemail left when I don't. Very annoying and yet another uncontrolled prank calls, please do something OFCOM / Trading Standards
Saturday, October 26 2013 01:16 PM
5 nuisance calls so far no messages left
Wednesday, October 16 2013 11:03 AM
Just called and left no message. Anuisance
Camilla Gosden
Tuesday, October 01 2013 10:04 AM
My mother is also receiving unsolicited calls from this number, asking for "Mrs Robinson" (not her name) - appears to be The Big Green Company selling solar power.
J L Eastwood
Tuesday, September 10 2013 09:29 AM
Keeps calling my mobile. I have tried to call them on the landline and the line goes dead. Fed up with it, trading standards know about it.
L E Forster
Tuesday, August 27 2013 11:57 AM
This number called me today, from Greater Manchester, I did not recognise it so I did not answer, but the answer phone had a very loud engaged tone on it, that would disturb someone who was elderly or vulnerable!
Chris Mitchell
Tuesday, August 27 2013 07:41 AM
Please stop calling me every day
Mrs Jones
Friday, August 23 2013 09:24 AM
I have been getting silent calls from this number for about a year.
Just now when I picked up a male whispered "wassupp?" In the style of the old Bud advert.
Irritating & bizarre.
Tuesday, August 20 2013 02:00 PM
Rang twice in 2 days I answered the phone and heard somebody laughing on the other end, morons, leave me alone
Mr Hughes
Tuesday, July 02 2013 03:19 PM
Cold call in German

please stop this – my mother is 93 she finds it distressing
Saturday, April 27 2013 05:50 AM
The caller hung up as soon as I answered the phone and when I called back I got the number unobtainable/nonexistent tone. No idea who they were.

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