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Wednesday, August 09 2017 05:03 PM
They caled my partner at 10pm, and are constantly engaged. She felt harrassed being called at this time whoever they may be.They Should be exposed
F uk
Wednesday, November 13 2013 09:37 AM
Hi, i too get call from 01612308407 a lady saying i m from police station and than urdu language translator as well speking, make a great tension to people saying he is a policeman, they tense the people.. Greatorm Manchester police should take notice of it, but few people observe this secret police number.
Sunday, March 10 2013 05:30 PM
I missed this call at 8.30am on Sunday morning!! Engaged all daay. Who the hell gets access so easy to peoples mobile numbers
Tuesday, August 30 2011 02:39 PM
This number 0161 230 8407 rang me on Monday evening at 2115pm & now it's been engaged for 2days do u know what or who it is please

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