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Monday, June 26 2017 05:35 AM
Sounded really good on phone call when read messages decided it was too good to be true when dyson site quotes a lot more.
Cancelled straight away
karen bell
Sunday, November 15 2015 04:36 AM
Again and offer of cheap service. Have checked with dyson and service is bogus.
Thursday, April 24 2014 03:21 AM
Received a cold call from dyson the other week seemed genuine at first, new my name and details offered me a service at reduced rate instead of the normal £40 and took up the offer only suspected a few days ago it might be a cold caller, looked up on google this morning tried to phone to cancel, and guess what no reply at 8.15am please do not fall into the trap as I checked with dyson themselves and they do not know this company!
Tuesday, April 01 2014 03:55 PM
Thanks for the above information i got a call today and foolishly booked them. After reading this i will be cancelling...the same offer 14.99 instead of 40.00.
I thought i was good as spotting cons they caught me off guard asking if my Dyson was still OK. It has just gone 5 years since i had it.
Where did they get my details from.
Wednesday, June 12 2013 09:10 AM
Had a call too, said they were offering Dyson service for £14.99 instead of £40.
Came to house, did a minimal inspection and said we needed replacement parts at £30 each, total came to £114.96 plus £14.99 service charge.Refused.
I phoned Dyson who said Dyson has free labour and parts for 5 years after purchase
Also Dyson engineers always have company logo on their uniforms and vehicles so I feel foolish now, so don't be conned.
Monday, April 09 2012 05:09 AM
Cold caller claiming to be from dyson offering Hoover service

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