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Monday, October 06 2014 08:21 AM
I am also being harrased by this company so I was pleased to find a forum to complain on - its frustrating to get a call from a local number that refers to a legal issue ( the message is unclear) so am almost relieved to realise this is an unsolicited call as I was concerned
Wednesday, October 01 2014 11:45 AM
Today I was called by this company who call themselves A N Legal, when you call them back there is a recording saying they don't take incoming calls and they are going to call you again soon! This is an unsolicited, unwanted call invading my privacy. It is especially annoying, as when my mother was terminally ill, she may have dropped off to sleep finally and an unsolicited sales call would wake her up. These calls should not be allowed. For this particular company there is no way I can get off their database, when I asked to be removed from the database when the man first called, he just hung up on me. And, as mentioned above, when I called them to ensure they remove my number from their database, the recording said they don't take incoming calls (sigh)
Wednesday, September 10 2014 11:43 AM
I received two calls from 01425 538027, the first dropped as soon as I answered and the second was an unsolicited call from an ambulance chasing type legal service wanting to know if I had had an accident in the past three years.

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