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Saturday, March 06 2010 02:23 PM
I also received a call on Friday from these people, offering me a cruise if I press one. I hung up and dialed 1471, got the number and checked on google. Don't know how they get through as I have TPS
Thursday, March 04 2010 03:53 PM
I've had several calls from this number. It's really annoying. This is harassment, and harassment is a crime.
Thursday, March 04 2010 08:54 AM
Same as all the others. Automated calls from this number suggesting I've won some sort of "prize". What's the point of registering with the telephone preference service if they don't do anything about this sort of scam?
Wednesday, March 03 2010 05:50 AM
Absolutely sick of these calls from this number. Every few days they ring and a recorded messaged tells me 'I have won a carribean cruise' and to press 1 etc.... So fed up with them now! Is there nothing the regulators can do??
Tuesday, February 09 2010 02:38 PM
This number seems to keep ringing me as I constantly see this number cropping up on caller display on my phone. I have given up answering the phone a lot of the time because these annoying b***ards and others like them constantly ring up and waste my time with calls I don't want to receive. If you want to see the name of the company who has this number, go the 'Who Calls Me' website, enter the number on the search facility and you will see it is one of these annoying fraudulent American companies. These shysters should be closed down and the instigators locked up for the harassment they cause people. They are vermin on our society.
Kim Cowlishaw
Tuesday, February 09 2010 06:39 AM
Repeated calls from number 01425 2918404. Call hangs up as soon as phone picked up. Number not listed anywhere.
Tuesday, February 09 2010 05:19 AM
We have recently had recorded-voice calls saying we've won a Caribean holiday etc. - to claim press '1', which we don't because it may be a dialling scam of some sort. Obviously these people do not filter their auto-dialler outputs with TPS lists. Isn't that illegal? If not, it should be!
Saturday, February 06 2010 06:02 AM
1471 reports a call from 014252918404 which hangs up before I can answer. Problem is 014252918404 seems to have too many digits; nothing from 01425291840 either.

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