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Thursday, January 19 2012 03:39 PM
Similar to the previous complaint. Someone called, then hung up in a second. Cleary a person calling and not a dialler - i could hear the phone going down but no-one spoke, they hang up when i say hello.

Phoned me twice in the last hour. Slightly creepy :)
Victoria Gilmore
Wednesday, February 17 2010 05:03 PM
This Male caller phoned four times today in total. He has called several times since I last logged a complaint on my computer. Is something going to happen? What can be done to stop this persistent annoyance?
Wednesday, February 03 2010 05:06 PM
This person phones my telephone often in the evenings. There is no talking and it is clear that the call is coming from a room as there is the faint sound of a TV in the background. I have received approx 50 or so calls since the middle part of 2009. The caller is male. The only words he has uttered have been 'who is that' in a slurred Scottish accent. He has never responded to any communication and has persisted to call when I have struggled continually to inform him that he has the wrong number. I have felt that this may be a male adult with either severe learning difficulties or perhaps an alcoholic or drug abuser. It does make me feel uncomfortable; I would like this person to stop.

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