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Monday, May 13 2013 03:53 PM
They called me and asked if I would like double glazing as they were in my area and could give me a huge discount. I said I didn't need windows but commented that I would love a conservatory. The girl was excited at this and promptly said they could call to see me the next day at 4 pm with no obligation and the price would hold for 12 months. I said that if they wanted to do that it was OK. When I received a call later that evening to confirm the time and date I pointed out that I was registered with TPS and that their canvaser had said it was a follow up call from last year. I pointed out that I live on the first floor in a flat, but the response was, "yes, well?" as if it would not be a problem. I explained that it would need to have stilts, and then I was accused of wasting their time and called "a little prick" and the phone went dead. I gave them a taste of their own medicine by phoning them ten times to tell them I was NOT "a little prick". It's great being a pensioner and having a laugh, it keeps you young, and it helps the telemarketers pass their time. Next time I may let them keep the appointment as I don't need to be here to explain the structural impossibility.
Thursday, January 19 2012 09:59 AM
This number keeps ringing my home phone number (ex directory)caller who is juvenile female trys to sell me double glazing or porches or conservatories- I cannot get rid of their calls they continually pester me

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